Agile Testing Training

Effective agile testing for active engineers

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on practice
6 month
at a convenient time

There are not enough specialists in the market

700 companies
now looking for testers
~75,000 $
average salary of a beginner specialist

Who is this course suitable for?

Developers who want to change career
You will develop your analytical skills and learn how to form ways to solve business tasks with the help of IT-tools. The acquired knowledge and technical background will make it easier to move to a new position.
Project- and product-managers
You’ll learn how to turn ideas into concrete tasks and how to think of ways to solve them, increase the efficiency of your projects and qualify for promotion.
Graduates of technical and economic universities
You will learn how to analyze business processes and support IT projects from scratch to release. You will be able to start a career in business and systems analytics as a junior specialist.
The course is not only for agile testers
It’s for anyone on a cross-functional agile team to learn how they can engage in testing activities, and how testing activities fit into agile development.

What will you learn?

What is valuable to a user
How to determine what’s valuable to a user early by focusing your team on testable narratives and creating a strong shared perspective
Chartering and focusing analytics
How to charter and focus an analytics (and data science) program that enhances your core objectives
Driving a focus
How to drive a focus on outcomes over outputs by facilitating a culture of experimentation and a test-driven, results-driven approach to agile
Identifying right agile practices
How to iteratively identify and test the right agile practices from leading frameworks like scrum, XP, and kanban to your team’s work

How is the training?

Study the topic
With included practical video lessons
Complete assignments
At your own pace
Work with a teacher
To consolidate knowledge and correct errors
Get a certificate
And add it to your portfolio


General overview
Principles and goals of testing, connection with Product risk
How much testing is enough?
Art of bug hunting vs. formal approaches
Test levels: unit, API, UI, end to end integration
Test types and methodologies in real project
Agile world
Principles of Agile testing – why it saves time/money
When testing happens in Agile
Problem of Testing time compression at the end of the sprint
Documenting and managing test cases; test management systems
Traceability: User story – Test Case – Defect
Repeatable tests vs. once only; Exploratory tests
Software development process
Attributes of defect/bug. How to fill defect report so that it will not be rejected
Defect severity vs. priority
Test tracking and Release readiness
Required communication for successful testing in the project
What information and statistics need to be reported and how
Defect triage meeting
Evolution of life cycle models, from Waterfall to Agile, benefits and drawbacks
How to manage test Environments and Test Data
Brief introduction to test automation – goals, principles, tools

Sergey is an expert consultant passionate about agile practices in Development and Testing with strong focus on Software Quality. He already helped number of teams to understand, learn, and enjoy next level of efficiency of Development, Manual and Automated Testing.

He worked for multinational organisations from very small up to world largest with complex onsite and remote teams. Having years of experience in own product companies as well as years in outsourcing/vendor companies he has full picture how to organise teams, processes, and tools.

Sergey has 14+ tracked record years in QA, Automated, Exploratory, Performance testing, Continuous Integration and Delivery processes within Scrum process.

Sergey Almyashev
Principal consultant
14+ years experience
sergey almyashev lon - Agile Testing Training


10% discount for groups of 8 people or more

    Within one week after the application you will receive a confirmation email only if you are admitted. A maximum of 12 participants will be accepted.


    This training is suitable for any levels starting from beginners. Some general knowledge
    about software development and testing would be helpful.

    There is no specific software required for this training. You will need working browser and any document editor, such as MS Word or Google Docs

    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method lets us to get success in problems of all levels.

    We will work on test project and perform elements of:
    – Test Planning
    – Test Case management and documentation
    – Manual testing
    – Test Reporting
    – Raising Defects
    – Defect triage/bug scrub

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