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General overview of all use case so clients understand quickly what is going to read on this page.
Transportation management solution for a company that provides logistics and warehousing services. Solution includes automatic route planning module creation and integrations with business ecosystem.
Our customer provides warehousing and cargo long-distance delivery (mainly for drop-shipping) and has a separate branch of last-mile delivery service for marketplaces of various sizes. The company needed transportation management and automated route planning software. It has to be integrated with the already existing business systems.
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Key company information – Blockbuster was an iconic US company known for video and game rentals.

key company and project overview – This social network is designed to connect dancers from all over the globe and let them communicate interactively. The platform was developed from scratch and integrated with the business systems in use

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Project Idea
Create a streaming service that allows viewers in the Nordic region to purchase or rent high-quality movies and TV series.
Project challenges
Create a sophisticated filtering system Implement a parental control feature Allow offline access to purchased movies (iOS, Android)
Project in Details
The transportation management platform was developed from scratch and integrated with the business systems in use
Business Challenges
The fast-growing logistics company based in the USA and reached gross logistics revenue of US$200 million by 2021.
Target audience
Viewers across the Nordic region (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway)
Overhead reducing, covering all logistics processes in the company with a single system
Project deliverables

Values delivered

The solution ought to help the customer to: Reduce cost and time spends on route planning and control to increase revenue from transportation services Optimize fleet maintenance cost to grow up the return on each vehicle unit Build an organic and interconnected business ecosystem to cover all logistics operations and scale profits through modules’ synergies


Creation of a flexible and highly customized solution including automated route planning with manual adjusting option and control module. Developing a drivers’ mobile app to navigate through the custom routes


The total delivery time optimization and loss minimization Overhead reducing, covering all logistics processes in the company with a single system

Feature - Route planning module development
Existed route planning solutions were not automated at all. Therefore, transportation management was performed with a high risk of human factor mistakes. We’ve rebuilt the route planning process and made it auto-suggested.
Feature - Routing module
We’ve also provided the company’s dispatchers and fleet managers with the option of routes’ adjusting. After completing a transportation management system project, they can correct the path manually in navigation issues or lack ready-made maps.
Feature - transportation protocols
We’ve created a role-based controlled access system for company staff. It allows onboard employees as TMS users, grant permissions, and manage access levels. Users can be added from the HR system directly. The solution allows editing employees’ info and adding custom users.
Feature - Management system
We also have developed a Fleet Management module. It allows creating groups of vehicles used in the whole transportation workflow; they can be adapted to changing business processes. Bulk uploads of vehicle data in CSV format are also included in the solution’s functionality.
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Feature - logistics module

We’ve created a complete transfer of warehouses’ information from the customer’s WMS to our system. We’ve provided a data pull-in via the “all by one-click” feature (CSV upload). It allows users to add data easily, validate it, and avoid labor-consuming one-by-one input.
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Feature - Management system

We’ve created a “Jobs for delivery” module to establish integration with customer’s WMS. The transportation management services solution supports receiving Jobs/Delivery lists and clear data flow with real-time updates.
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Team Feedback

We were fortunate with the project. It is exactly the case when a testing system can be built correctly from scratch. Thanks to the BDD approach, the business can understand the profitability of an updated product version even before the release, so our technicians can receive objective feedback on the service status and quickly make changes. We have been working productively for a long time, always provided with maximum information by the technical department of the Clinic Management App, which is also vital for us. Yes, this system is really as perfect as possible. We tested it!


We have developed a full-fledged transportation management system, and integrated it with the existing business platform. Our solution allowed customer to achieve: The total delivery time optimization Due to route planning software and custom adjusting, our customer can better process orders and reduce cost and time spent. All itineraries have become realistic and payback; the ability to adjust them manually increased the flexibility of routing. Total logistic overhead reduction An indicator decreased by 27-36% due to automation, better control of vehicles and route planning, optimized warehouses’ management, real-time data processing, and covering all logistics operations by a single system. Growth of the return on each vehicle It increased due to more efficient truck loading and workflow acceleration in the new ecosystem. Optimizing fleet maintenance, warehousing, and cargo delivery allowed the company to raise its gross profit.

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