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Make your web app user-friendly, secure, and performant across all browsers and devices your audience uses by using test automation execution. We provide a website or web application testing to verify all functional and non-functional requirements and help you deliver a product that satisfies your users.

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Why Zappletech

Improve user experience
When your users start interacting with your website or app, bugs and inconveniences
Prevent costly defects
The job of QA doesn’t only involve bug detection. The main value we add to your process is bug prevention.
Automate testing process
Automated web testing is a great way to speed up the process and lower the testing costs.
Ensure optimal performance
Any web application must be prepared for the increased traffic load. Consider this.

Web testing services – what we provide

Computer software, financial services, leisure, travel & tourism – we have the experience testing different kinds of web applications and websites. From security to usability, check out our web app testing services below.

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Web application automated testing
You can speed up your release cycles and assure more test coverage by automating regression, functional, and performance tests. In automated web testing, we create unique test automation frameworks and employ both keyword and data-driven methodologies.
Web application performance testing
Automating regression, functional, and performance tests allows you to accelerate your release cycles and ensure wider test coverage. We develop custom test automation frameworks and use both keyword and data-driven approaches in automated web testing.
Web application security testing
Cyber-attacks are a threat to mobile apps. The most common vulnerability that may be exploited by malware is insecure data storage. We use penetration testing to uncover security flaws in your application by simulating a hacker assault. Each app supports for specific Android version.
Web application functional testing
The goal of our functional web tests is to ensure that the system meets the system’s functional requirements. Cross-browser testing, acceptability testing, exploratory testing, and other types of testing are all available.
Usability testing for web application
If there is anything in your mobile app testing that can be automated to save you time and money, we will do it. For regression, performance, functional, and frequent releases, we provide mobile app test automation services.
Compatibility testing
Because your web app will be used in a variety of locations (from a laptop to a smartphone) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), you must ensure that it functions seamlessly everywhere. To assist you, we provide compatibility testing services.
why our services
End-to-end testing process
End-to-end testing allows us to evaluate the entire software for dependencies, data integrity, and connectivity with other systems, interfaces, and databases in order to replicate a full production situation.
Device selection
Our staff will make certain that all testing procedures are carried out on the appropriate device. Our experience with application testing services enables us to select the most appropriate device for your company needs.
A test management system of your choice
We work with software testing teams to help them manage, track, and maintain their tests. Our test management software integrates with software testing tools, test automation software, and other development tools.
Transparent and actionable reporting
Our clients may check the status of their campaigns at any moment. Thanks to our open reporting system, you’ll be able to keep track of all advancements at any moment.

Our web and app testing process at a glance

We offer end-to-end website testing services, which include everything from roadmap planning to test tool selection to test execution and growing test automation. You can accelerate software releases and reduce production problems by working with us.


Choosing a strategy


Select test tools


Test plan


Writing tests


Testing of various types


Support QA process


What our clients say

We can say anything we want about ourselves. But we think it means a whole lot more coming from some of the folks we’ve worked with. Here’s what nonprofits across the country have to say about working with Zappletech.

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Projects with QA processes improve product quality by 30 percent than those without QA processes.

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