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Web test automation

Cover modern web apps with effective test automation scripts

Performance testing

Measure and evaluate the speed, responsiveness, stability and reliability

Mobile test automation

Automated testing for native and hybrid iOS and Android applications

Tool and solution development

Custom automated tests framework and solution development

API & Server side test automation

Improve E2E testing by introduction of integration level and API testing

TestOps and DevOps

Integrate automated tests easily into continuous delivery process


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The Benefits of Automation Testing

Regression will help you find bugs
The purpose of regression testing is to verify that changes to the code do not cause problems/defects in the existing functionality.
Increase software QA
Implement robust processes and quality standards to proactively prevent product defects, mitigate defects and ensure high software quality.
Unattended test execution
When running your test suites unattended, you get the best results from your test automation effort. And our company will provide it.
Repeatable and reliable testing
The testing that we provide can be trusted and reliable. Developing the product, our team will make sure the tests are repeatable and efficient.
Time for marketing to begin earlier
Our company experts are sure that no time will be wasted during internal marketing research, and we will provide the strategy as fast as possible.
Increasing screening frequency
Our team will make sure the tests are frequent and up-to-date, so you will instantly know about any bug or problem that can appear, and we will solve it.
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Why Zappletech?

The first approach to test automation is the main driver in modern agile development. Achieving better coverage of automated tests increases software testing speed twice, providing quicker results and increased business profit.

To keep up with shorter sprints and facilitate agile development, it is important to start testing as early as possible, automating test cases in the right amount across all system levels.

Custom automated testing frameworks, tools, and scripts accelerate task-solving and process execution during continuous delivery, eliminating the human factor and saving time.

Zappletech has been implemented the most effective automation solutions for business benefits for over ten years, ready to provide our customers with the best products on the market.

You may request a free trial to test the reliability of our software test automation services on your project.

Efficient creation of automated test cases involves various practices
We strive to create all our automated test cases in the best possible way, so you can implement them to fit your business ideas the most.
Easily ramp up test automation services as needed
Tests can be triggered as part of your CI/CD toolchain and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, any approach for expanding QA coverage should include it.
Rapidly build infrastructure
In addition to building flexibility and resilience, we must transform how we understand what infrastructure is and what it can do.
Implement custom automation tools and frameworks
We implement custom automation tools and frameworks developed and tested by ourselves to boost your business.
Reach continuous testing through QA process automation
Automation may speed up testing, increasing accuracy, lowering risks, and improving total product quality. That’s why agile automation is so necessary.
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We concentrate on long-term collaboration and trust in the excellence of the services we give to our customers as a leading business in QA automation testing services. We value knowledge and abilities so much that we assemble a team of specialists and, sure, we can scale up or down at any time.

We still have
Strong test automation architecture
Automated tests should be modern, robust, and easy to maintain. A well-designed architecture and tailored options can double their effectiveness. Many companies start with simple scripts and end up with high maintenance costs due to immediate coverage expansion. We prioritize a top-to-bottom approach that emphasizes strategy and architecture over record/playback scripts.
Various test types coverage
Automated end-to-end functional testing is the most important and widely used kind of testing. However, end-to-end testing won’t be effective without covering other low levels of live unit, integration, or acceptance. Therefore, robust test automation should be divided into several test levels, providing a solid basis for test reliability. We have full expertise to cover tests from unit level to end-to-end acceptance level.
Advanced integration and CI/CD
The power of continuous integration (CI) or continuous delivery (CD) is to deliver functionality quickly. The power of advanced test automation integration builds an excellent ground for CI/CD tools to provide quick testing without any manual work. Self-testing code gives a feedback loop that aids teams in improving and validating their code quickly. We know how to make infrastructure flexible and integrated.
We are not only
Plan the structure
When we make a decision to adopt test automation, we lay the groundwork for success by developing a comprehensive strategy that includes defining the scope of the project, carefully selecting the appropriate tools and technology, creating a realistic implementation schedule, assigning resources effectively, and establishing a budget that reflects the true cost of the effort.
Have the deliverables optimized
During the SDLC, the test deliverables are the test objects that are made available to the stakeholders of a software project. A software project following the SDLC goes through several phases before it is delivered to the customer. Each phase has some deliverables such as documents, plans, test reports, etc. These deliverables are crucial to ensure the quality of the software.
Ease the burden of automated testing
No doubt that manual software testing is costly, but money is well spent if done correctly. Leaking a significant bug to end-users reduces a company’s market value by 4%, or 5.7% if many bugs are exposed. On the size of a big tech company, that’s a $2.6–2.7 billion drop in market capitalization. In 99% of companies, the cost of software testing seems to be very low compared with figures like these.

Services we provide in test automation and TestOps

Zappletech’s Automation Testing Service is a full-cycle approach to increase QA efficiency that covers assessments, planning, test automation consulting, best-practice implementations, and custom solution development with further support and training.

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Implementation of automated scripts
There are different ways to create automated testing scripts: keyword-driven approach, data­-driven scripting, BDD or Gherkin, acceptance tests, or TDD. And we deal with all types of testing and adjust scripts effectively following project requirements.
Tools of evaluation and assessment
There are many tools on the market today. Which one is suitable and fits your project requirements and ROI? We have tried many tools and frameworks on 50+ projects and know what works. We can help you take the first step, define the toolset and build test automation.
Infrastructure setup and TestOps
Creating solutions and scripts is 50% of the way. Automated testing should be practical: you should be able to run your tests in minutes or even seconds to speed up the testing cycle. We can set up servers, containers and clusters so that tests can be run in a matter of minutes.
Custom frameworks and tools development
We use abstract layers and integration with the ecosystem to automate reusable routines. To bridge the gap between different technologies, we develop bespoke tools and frameworks such as Page Factory, Page Objects, Step Objects, and Screenplay.
Continuous integration and continuous delivery
It’s vital that QA processes are as automated as possible, right up to the point of delivery automation. Both manual testing and test automation are well suited to modern development pipelines. We are able to set up this kind of integration for you.
Review and audit test automation solutions
Rapid test automation can rely only on an effective codebase and strategies. Our experts provide ongoing audits of software testing and test automation strategies. They include detailed reports on the operations, issues, and processes to ensure return on investments.
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No recorders
We do away with the use of recorders and test automation scripts altogether. We code ourselves.
Bug-tracking systems
All bug-tracking systems and test case management systems are integrated into auto-tests.
Platforms and devices
Testing is done across multiple platforms and devices. We present the results to the customer in the most convenient way.
Continuous integration is the heart of test automation execution. We are the best in configuring CI/CD.
Maintain accurate process documentation. Frequent, direct communication is critical.
Multi threading
We use multithreading to resolve the constraints of time by distributing tests across available resources.
Various technologies and programming languages are used depending on the project and context.
A complex infrastructure with an ecosystem is built up by a number of different teams.
A powerful report is one that gives you the full picture in minutes. Accurate data, context and dashboards.
Cloud services
Cloud-based services speed up test automation implementation, providing as quick results as possible.
The process

How we deliver the best QA automation services in the industry

The primary characteristics are the preservation of accurate documentation throughout the whole procedure. When working on test automation, regular and clear communication is established.

Request discovery phase
Frameworks and solutions

What tools we use

Vision and mission

I’m a tech entrepreneur and test automation engineer who loves to build valuable projects and teams through well-organized automated tests.

Helping companies develop and deliver great software solutions based on test automation expertise from world-known tools development and many clients projects implementations.

Working with us, you will have quick engagement, proficiency in automated tests, and an organized engineering team with a product development mindset that will develop necessary test automation and infrastructure quickly in a cost-effective manner.

Mykhailo Poliarush
CEO, ZappleTech Inc.
Krakow, Poland

What our clients say

I’ve really enjoyed working with Zappletech. To be honest, it’s been better than having an in house team of developers. They are smart, hard working and pick up on projects easily. I

Thomas Ugarte
Co-Founder, USA

Honesty in a sea of mis-information! Zappletech is a full stack agency in regards to project management, billing and getting the work completed by top shelf developers.

Marco Taddei
Founder at WebMDT, USA

My developers really enjoyed the trainings and consulting done by Zappletech. We found the trainer very competent. Thank you guys!

Jakub Polomsky
Technical Module Owner, Austria

They helped us to close the positions and consult our team how to proceed further. High-quality quick feedbacks with the deep checking of the required tasks, professional approach, great understanding of the company's technologies and product, detailed reports.

Kristina Lavrentieva
Manager at, Israel

Always fast and professional. Exactly what we have needed for company with dynamic growing business. We were working together on automation testing framework.

Hennadii Bulakh
Manager at Sixt/Ride, Germany

Zappletech have provided us with software development and test automation services, both in terms of guiding the architecture, and implementing a lot of test case.

Chris McVittie
Head of Technology, UK

Popular questions

1. Understand the project stack;
2. Documentation, manuals, and community accessibility;
3. Understanding of the tools’ capabilities;
4. Truncated solutions.

The efficiency of automated testing is achieved with coverage of the most critical areas of the application:

1. High risk – essential test cases;
2. Repeatedly executed text cases (regression test suite);
3. Tedious test cases or difficult to perform manually;
4. Time-consuming test cases.

One of the key features of automation tests is the reduction of time spent on testing. For big projects with thousands of automation tests created, batch runs can take days to complete. This is because all data depends on each other in large companies. It decreases productivity and makes the tests impossible to run simultaneously.

It usually happens in the case of wrong architecture. With such scenarios, usual tests are ineffective. You need another method called parallelization. Instead of running tests sequentially, parallel testing allows the execution of multiple tests at the same time across different environments.

They have their pros and cons. One isn’t necessarily any better than the other. A human engages in manual testing, painstakingly checking to ensure the application performs as expected. Automated testing occurs after the initial development of the application is completed. These prolonged tests can run independently and are poorly suited for manual testing.

They can also run in parallel on various types of operating systems and browsers. These two types of testing are similar but have slightly different purposes. Automated testing can speed up the process, reduce human resources required, make a more structured approach to testing, and automate repeated activities.

The short answer “yes.” If you integrate automation tests to your CI/CD
process, you will gain the following benefits:

1. Full continuous delivery process;
2. Numerous test report delivery channels;
3. Broken code never deployed to the server.

1. The frontend and the backend;
2. Stress, load, and performance testing;
3. Testing of functionality and cross-platform/device compatibility;
4. APIs, as well as web, mobile, and desktop apps.

If you are going to have a few dozen tests, and you aren’t concerned about maintaining your test suite, and you do not need to speed up your tests through multi threading, the record/play solutions should be sufficient.

In the event that your test suite contains hundreds or thousands of tests, they should run quickly so that releases aren’t delayed. They should be reliable and easy to maintain, so you should certainly use custom solutions based on well-known test automated frameworks.

While, at first, the cost of automated testing may seem difficult to justify, it pays for itself in the end. Since they take out the human component, that man power can be shifted to more important issues, like customer needs, functionality, and improvements. You will also require fewer code revisions, and the ones that do occur will be cheaper.

The tests are also reusable, so once the source code changes, you can just run the tests again. While manual testing is expensive and takes a lot of time, you can engage in automated testing as much as you want with no additional cost.

Your steps should be:
1. Choose tool that covers your needs;
2. Set up test suite architecture;
3. Develop tests;
4. Integrate your test suite in CI/CD process;
5. Cover test cases that are time-consuming.

In most cases, no. Some scenarios may require so much effort that it makes no sense to automate them. However, 93% code of coverage is typically achievable.

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