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Mobile test automation

We offer a full suite of mobile app testing services, focusing on ensuring the app’s flawless operation across a large fleet of mobile devices, under a variety of network conditions.

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Advantages of automation testing Zappletech

Get a faster time to market
Automated tests have a short execution time and eliminate unnecessary delays.
Improve test effective
We automate thousands of manual tests at the same time to maximize test coverage.
Eliminate human mistake
Unlike humans, who are prone to errors, automated tests repeat the exact same steps over and over again.
Performing the same scope manually is much more expensive than automating it.

Mobile test automation services are what we provide:

With the large number of technologies and solutions available for Mobile Test Automation, finding the correct solution to meet a company’s specific testing needs can be nearly impossible. Zappletech has the thought leadership and industry expertise to design the ideal solution for you as a Mobile Test Automation specialist.

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iOS app automated testing
We test an iOS application on real Apple devices to check whether it works as expected or not for specific user actions like installation time, user interface, user experience, appearance, behavior, functionality, load time, performance, App Store listing, OS version support, etc.
Android app automated testing
By running tests against your app consistently, we can verify your app’s correctness, functional behavior, and usability before its release to public. Android testing also provides you with the following advantages: Rapid feedback on failures.
Mobile app performance testing
Our mobile testing team will look for faults in the areas of stress, load, scalability, and dependability. Our mobile testing team also performs backend performance testing for major applications with a large number of users (banking apps, mobile e-stores, multiplayer games, messaging games, and so on).
Tools and framework development
The tools has no components associated, you will have to choose and to program those using that tool. The frameworks provide the components and the rules for their interconnection but has no integrated tools, you can choose a tool that best suits your needs.
Device and infrastructure management
The Testing Infrastructure consists of the testing activities, events, tasks and processes that immediately support automated, as well as manual, software testing
Mobile app security testing
Hacking assaults on mobile apps are common, resulting in losses for both consumers and businesses. To mimic a hacker attack, our team will conduct penetration testing. Our mobile security testing team will use ethical hacking to find security flaws in your app and make advice on how to fix them.
why our services
End-to-end testing process
End-to-end testing allows us to evaluate the entire software for dependencies, data integrity, and connectivity with other systems, interfaces, and databases in order to replicate a full production situation.
Infrastructure selection
Our staff will make certain that all testing procedures are carried out on the appropriate device. Our experience with application testing services enables us to select the most appropriate device for your company needs.
Test tooling of your choice
We work with software testing teams to help them manage, track, and maintain their tests. The tools that we choose can integrate very well into continuous integration and continuous delivery
Transparent and actionable reporting
Our clients may check the status of their campaigns at any moment. We take the toolkit and set it up so that they can see the report at any time in the reporting system of your choice

Our mobile app testing process at a glance

We offer end-to-end mobile automation testing services, which include everything from roadmap planning to test tool selection to test execution and growing test automation. You can accelerate software releases and reduce production defects by working with us.


project requirements


devices and planning the process


test cases


testing and reports the bugs


test results


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