What We Test

Quality assurance is ensured by our team of QA professionals for digital fintech and banking projects of various sizes and budgets. More specifically, we’ve tested cloud, blockchain, and AI technologies and can mitigate risks in the following areas:

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Solutions for online banking
Trader and supplier portals
Systems for Customer Relationship Management
Aspects of chain finance
Terminals for self-serve
Systems of exchange
Solution for planners
Financial applications and robo-advisers
System of accounts
How We Test

Our QA experts treat blockchain as a payment system because it refers to the methods used to conduct financial transactions in 90% of situations. We validate parameters, verify that transactions are completed successfully, and guarantee that all other requirements are met. Event sources (transactions), block sources (transaction committers), blocks recipients (readers), and committed transactions are the three critical checks we focus on. A proper combination of multiple testing types should be used to ensure quality in each of these areas:

User-interface evaluation:
We test UI elements such as color, logo, resolution, labels, and so on. Validation of factors of navigability;
Testing for security:
We propose that QA engineers act as intruders and put themselves in the shoes of possible cybercriminals; for this, we undertake deliberate system attacks.
Load (Performance) Testing:
We examine a system’s responsiveness and stability in the context of a certain workload.
API evaluation:
For internal smart contract methods, we use Dapp API calls, as well as Dapp API calls for application integration.

Our web testing process at a glance

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing, as well as ongoing suggestions to protect your data. If your company need software security testing, you can count on us to meet all of your requirements.


of the project





Privilege Escalation

Penetration (optional)

Presentation of results

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Projects with QA processes improve product quality by 30 percent than those without QA processes.

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