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Every project should be quality-assured, and you’ll need a team of quality-control professionals on your side to make sure your app is a success. Quality assurance audits and consulting services are our specialties at ZappleTech. You’ll need quality assurance professionals to help you organize a software development project. ZappleTech’s team has the knowledge and resources to provide high-quality audit and consulting help for all your projects, from functional testing to cloud solutions testing and everything in between.

Our testing process:
When you make a request, a professional project manager will contact you and work with you one-on-one to understand your business objectives and goals.
We’ll correctly estimate how long it will take to complete testing after getting to know you and your project goals, so you can plan your development phases accordingly.
We Test
We start our testing with the most up to date technology available. Every step of the way, you’ll receive updates and feedback on your application.
You’ll get detailed documentation outlining our testing process, as well as a checklist of what was done and any suggestions for improvement to help you make your app the best it can be.

What Is the Difference Between Quality Control and Quality Assurance?

The terms quality assurance and quality control are sometimes misunderstood or used interchangeably. This is understandable given that they both have similar jobs, management methods, and a high-quality product as their end aim.

Here’s a quick way to tell the difference between a quality assurance and a quality control audit. A quality control audit entails examining the final product for aspects that could be improved, corrected, or otherwise addressed. The goal of a quality assurance audit is to improve, if necessary, the procedures that lead to the final product.

The goal of QA audits is to avoid defects in the first place. A quality control audit looks for problems that are already existing and determines how to fix them. Quality assurance audits are a proactive, rather than a reactive, strategy.

How Does Quality Control Audits Work?

Because the ultimate purpose of a QA audit is to avoid the occurrence of bugs and other problems, audits must cover the whole software development life cycle. The earlier in the software development life cycle an error or defect is discovered, the less expensive and easier it is to rectify it.

A complete QA audit will track all of the activities involved in the software development life cycle in real time, assist in the establishment of quality standards to help prevent errors and make changes to the software development process.

Our QA audit and assessment at a glance

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing, as well as ongoing suggestions to protect your data. If your company needs software security testing, you can count on us to meet all of your requirements.




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Frequently Asked Questions:

Audits are frequently performed at predetermined intervals to ensure that an organization’s quality monitoring system is well defined. They can also assist in determining whether or not a company complies with the requirements of a particular quality system.

The major purpose of this strategic service is to assess the IT organization’s readiness to deliver an end-to-end enterprise quality management strategy based on business drivers, best practices, and usage patterns, including procedures, people, and technologies.

Risk assessment entails categorizing and assessing each risk, as well as calculating the chance and impact of each risk. Other aspects of each risk, such as risk owner, may be evaluated or assigned as part of the risk assessment process.


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Projects with QA processes improve product quality by 30% than those without QA processes.

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