Why AQA Managed service is your viable option

Industry-specific expertise

In 1,500+ completed projects, we have gained in-depth knowledge across many industries and target audience expectations. Our accumulated best practices work well for rapid detection of faults in software performance, security, usability, and others.

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Reduced overhead/management by the customer
Opportunities to reduce OpEx
Fixed and predictable QA spend
Higher vendor accountability

A full range of AQA Managed services:

Helping assure high-class software quality to meet your business needs faster at a reasonable cost, managed QA provides:

Decreased QA setup's total cost of ownership
No infrastructural investment is required
Uncompromised quality with a quick turnaround
Our top-tier tech stack and know-how are available to you
ZappleTech's managed QA services include:
All issues relating to quality are addressed
We’ll customize our managed QA service bundle to fit your development process and quality-related issues.
Support for digital transformation
For various project types, including digital enterprise transformation, our team tailors QA to accomplish high-grade quality standards.
Access to a talent pool of high-skilled individuals
You have complete control over the membership of your dedicated testing crew, which will adjust flexibly to any changes that emerge. You may choose your team members and interview them, giving you complete control over the composition of your dedicated testing crew.
Measurement of efficiency in a transparent manner
To boost cooperation transparency, our experts customize KPIs to suit business needs.
Setup of tools and testing environment
We use accurate testing tools and set up the test environment for your product to ensure that the tests go smoothly.
High visibility and dependability
SLAs are used to ensure service quality. You will be able to track and view the work in progress on a frequent basis through ad-hoc and planned reports.

Managed QA, as we’ve seen in our firm, may often alter how enterprises test and lead to the establishment of a proprietary Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE). We can assist you in the following ways at ZappleTech:

Examine whether you're ready for a TCoE.
Adhere to best practices to ensure resource efficiency.
Assist you in putting it up and running it.

Our web testing process at a glance

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing, as well as ongoing suggestions to protect your data. If your company need software security testing, you can count on us to meet all of your requirements.


of the project





Privilege Escalation

Penetration (optional)

Presentation of results

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We can say a lot about ourselves. But we think it means much more coming from some of the people we have worked with. Here’s what customers across the country say about working with Zappletech.

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Projects with QA processes improve product quality by 30 percent than those without QA processes.

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Working with Zappletech, you will have quick engagement in 1-2 weeks, manage an organized senior-level engineering team with a product development mindset, and save up to 30% of the budget, time, and efforts compared to hiring and managing your in-house development team.

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Eran Kinsbruner

Expert in Continuous testing of web and mobile apps, DevOps and Agile practices, SAST as well as product marketer with strong GTM vision. Amazon best selling author of a trilogy
of books (https://www.amazon.com/Eran-Kinsbruner/e/B07RK5SZH9%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share)
- The Digital Quality Handbook
- Continuous Testing for DevOps Professional
- Accelerating Software Quality in DevOps using AI and ML.
Industry thought leader, keynote speaker, blogger, industry event committee member (QA Global Summit), and author of the quarterly digital test coverage index report.
A contributor for InfoWorld.com (http://www.infoworld.com/author/Eran-Kinsbruner/) and for the EnterprisersProject (https://enterprisersproject.com/user/eran-kinsbruner).
Advisory board member for startups.
ISTQB foundation level certified.
PMI (Pragmatic Institute Foundations) Certified
various quality related awards as well as 1 registered patent.
Meetup host for mobile Dev and Test TLV and Boston.
Speaking History:
StarEast, StarWest, DevOps East/West, Quest, STPCon, AutomationGuild, AndroidSummit, TISQA, TestExpo UK, Meetups, Webinars, Podcasts, All Day DevOps, QA Global Summit and many more.

Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Because I'm lazy and easily bored, I tend to automate everything I can, if I need to do something twice that is a good indication that something
is off. My automation experience suit includes mobile, gherkin, web, C#, Java, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, and multiple frameworks. I do coding and
“DevOps'ing” too because I gain most of the value not deep-diving into one framework or discipline, but generalizing in the whole spectrum of
software engineering. This generalist point of view allows me to see some issues from different angles and come up with more solutions to solve problems.

Jenna Charlton

I began speaking in 2018 at CodeMash in Sandusky Ohio where my first talk How Pro Wrestling Made Me A World Champion Tester put me on the proverbial map.
Since then I’ve given far more serious talks at conferences like TestBash and Star. In 2020 I was a keynote at STARWest Virtual testing conference and I was on the selection
committees for STARWest 2021 and Agile Testing Days USA as well as host for TestBash Home 2020 and 2021. I am an occasional tech blogger, trainer, product owner, and
always a tester, but the accomplishments I’m most proud of are my ordination as a deacon at South Euclid UCC in 2016 and my long and happy marriage to my spouse for
the past 11 years.