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API & Server side test automation

The goal of API testing in Zappletech is to ensure that programming interfaces are functional, reliable, fast, and secure. For testing, the API uses queries to simulate the communication between the client and the service.

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Advantages of test automation with Zappletech

Get a faster time to market
Automated tests have a short execution time and no unnecessary delays.
Improve test coverage
We automate thousands of manual tests simultaneously to maximize test coverage.
Eliminate human error
Humans make mistakes, but automated tests repeat the exact same steps over and over again.
Lower thecosts
Performing the same scope manually is much more expensive than automating it.

API & Server-side test automation services we provide:

We have significantly improved the KPI of various QA processes by automating testing, from security and usability to testing on different devices. Get a free and easy consultation. Let’s discuss our cooperation!

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Automated API testing
API testing means software testing that includes evaluating application programming interfaces (APIs) and testing them as part of integration testing. It helps to check if they satisfy functionality, reliability, performance, and security standards. API testing is provided at the request layer since APIs don’t have a graphical user interface.
Web services testing
Zappletech checks the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of an API (Application Program Interface).
Contract testing
Contract testing means requesting a deployed or simulated service endpoint to obtain information in the end point for deployment. We provide coverage for free of charge testing every time changes are planned or made to your code.
Performance testing on the server
Application server-side performance testing is an important step in determining how well an application works under load. It assists software development teams in configuring their apps for optimal performance while keeping infrastructure expenses low.
Automated integration testing
Having a specification defined through test cases, Zappletech assures that each feature works as intended, reduces time by eliminating manual testing, and increases design and implementation flexibility.
Model-based test automation
Model-based testing is a software testing technique in which test cases are produced from a model that represents the system under test’s functional features. Zappletech creates tests using a paradigm that incorporates both offline and online testing.
Automated database testing
Every application’s database is vital. Zappletech assists with data validation, schema verification, database health checks, security checks, and other test automation tasks. It leads to the timely and cost-effective completion of appropriate data checks.
Microservices testing
Microservice design directly affects software development and testing. Due to granularity, previously concealed boundaries become visible once you shift to a microservice design. It requires a completely different approach to microservice testing by test experts.
Automated backend testing
Backend testing means software or web application testing that examines the server or database. Backend testing ensures that the web application or program does not have database flaws such as deadlock, data corruption, or data loss. It is provided by testing the application layer or database layer.
Development of data management tools
Create, access, and update data across many data levels with Zappletech. Data can be stored both in the cloud and on-premise, ensuring stable work of apps, analytics, and algorithms. Availability and recovery are provided as well. Provide data security and privacy, archive and delete data following retention policies and regulations.
why our services
End-to-end testing process
End-to-end testing allows us to evaluate the entire software for dependencies, data integrity, and connectivity with other systems, interfaces, and databases to replicate a production situation.
Infrastructure selection
Our staff will make sure that all testing procedures work on any appropriate device. With our experience in application testing services, we can select the most suitable device for your company’s needs.
Test toolset of your choice
We work with software testing teams to help them manage, track, and maintain their tests. The tools we choose provide continuous integration and reliable delivery processes.
Transparent and efficient reporting
Our clients can check the status of their campaigns at any moment. We take the toolkit and set it up so that they can see the report at any time in the reporting system of your choice.

Our web testing process at a glance

We offer end-to-end web automation testing services, from roadmap planning to test tool selection, test execution, and test automation. You can accelerate software releases and reduce production defects by working with us.





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