Why Outstaff QA is your viable option

Industry-specific expertise

In 42+ completed projects, we have gained in-depth knowledge across many industries and target audience expectations. Our accumulated best practices work well for rapid detection of faults in software performance, security, usability, and others.

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Pros of Outstaffing
Hiring a professional without the headaches of overhead perks, taxes, insurance, legal responsibilities, and so on.
Flexible team to simply scale up and down your teams
The worth of a company can be improved by increasing the index of income per employee.
Gives you more control over your personnel.

Outstaffing’s Challenges

1. Difficulties in management

Naturally, more control comes with more responsibility, so managing an external development team may not be easy. Because those programmers are formal employees of the outstaffing firm, they are more inclined to identify with that firm than yours. They frequently display apathy toward a client’s business’s future, company culture, and, most importantly, the product itself. All of these circumstances have the potential to result in unsatisfactory work results, for which you will be solely responsible.

2. Risk of data leakage

You’ll undoubtedly discuss your ideas and expose some secret information about the product if you outsource developers. This could lead to data theft and infringement of intellectual property rights. I recommend that you read all of the NDAs carefully or consult with an expert lawyer, as some outstaffing agencies claim ownership of the generated software after the client relationship ends.

3. Difficulties in obtaining funds

To be honest, for software product startups seeking capital, the outstaffing model is rarely productive. Because the team working on a project attracts the most attention from investors, the lack of your own skilled workforce can be a deal-breaker. Collaboration with an outstaffing service provider may indicate a lack of knowledge required to bring a fantastic concept to life.

Our web testing process at a glance

Our security testing services include IT auditing and penetration testing, as well as ongoing suggestions to protect your data. If your company need software security testing, you can count on us to meet all of your requirements.


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Privilege Escalation

Penetration (optional)

Presentation of results

Frequently Asked Questions:

AQA outstaffing Gives you more control over your personnel. Hiring a professional without the headaches of overhead perks, taxes, insurance, legal responsibilities, and so on. Flexible team to quickly scale up and down your teams.

The use of a different piece of software to perform tests on the program you’re building is referred to as AQA automation. Human testers had to conduct many of these jobs individually in the past, with the help of technology to reduce repetition.

In the case of AQA outsourcing, the vendor selects professionals that match your staffing needs and engages them on a turnkey basis on your project. When it comes to outstaffing, you get to pick the specialists for your team from the talent pool given by the outstaffing provider.


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Projects with QA processes improve product quality by 30% than those without QA processes.

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Working with Zappletech, you will have quick engagement in 1-2 weeks, manage an organized senior-level engineering team with a product development mindset, and save up to 30% of the budget, time, and efforts compared to hiring and managing your in-house development team.

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