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A consulting company that helps you build sustainable JavaScript tests.
From the founders of CodeceptJS. Exclusive official enterprise support.
Test automation audit, consulting, outsourcing, outstaffing, trainings.

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End2End testing has never been that simple!


We use CodeceptJS, a powerful test framework for testing web and mobile applications.

CodeceptJS tests written in scenario-driven manner, they are easy to write, read, and maintain.

Such tests can be written by non-developers and QA specialists without deep understanding of JavaScript.

PageObjects and StepObjects are supported out of the box. They can be generated and used in tests through dependency injection.
Designed for scenario driven acceptance testing in BDD-style
Modern JavaScript
Tests are written in ES2016, TypeScript is supported as well. Works great with AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Ember, and other SPA frameworks.
Web & Mobile Testing
Smart locators: use names, labels, matching text, CSS or XPath to locate elements.
Backend agnostic
Use browser automation engine of your choice: webdriverio, Protractor, Nightmare, or execute tests on mobile with Appium
Synchronous API
You don’t need to care about callbacks, or promises. Easy to use non-experienced developers.

We provide a full range of activities related to both CodeceptJS and Test Automation

Get first acceptance tests for your application in hours! We help you to integrate CodeceptJS into your applications and establish an effective testing process.
We have built a lot of test automation projects and know how to do it right. We know the CodeceptJS internals and know how to make it fit your specific needs.
Outsourcing and outstaffing
Ready to join your project(s) and implement necessary test automation activities upon your needs to achieve goals and milestones
We will also gladly cover your software testing & devops needs If you lack of test team and engineers

We are building solid automated tests infrastructure with CodeceptJS.
5 reasons to choose us:

We are experts in CodeceptJS, an enterprise-ready JavaScript testing framework
We encourage building only minimal, meaningful tests around your specification
We develop elegant and easy to follow tests focused on business requirements
We do on-shore office consulting as well as remote work
Clients like our expertise and vision on modern software development

When you should think about using the Java Scripts Test Automation services?

Automation takes a lot of time, which you do not want to waste. Using our resources and experience our team will handle your task fast and reliable.
You have no expertise to do the automation correctly. ZappleTech has great experience, which means we will deliver your project in time.
If you dont have an understanding how automation can help the process. We are doing full project audit.
If you lack resources and narrowly focused specialists, which are crucial for specific automation technologies you need. We do provide them.
If there are problems – automation does not work as you want it to, management is not happy with the results. We can bring KPIs back in line with expected results.
Which opportunities will come after using our services?
QA will find more defects
Regression testing will be more stable
The latest innovations in automation will be implemented in the project
Strategies and plan will be implemented under the KPIs which will be exposed by the management team
QA process will become manageable and tangible
Time will be freed up for the team to do additional manual testing
The speed and stability of running automated tests will increase
The team will get the latest expertise from the market
Access to many years of our expert experience
What solutions we provide to solve your problems:
Conducting an audit and review to understand the current situation.
Forming a plan and strategy with a QA management team
In case of no expertise we are doing spot technical consulting on technologies used
Creation of automation framework that will save resources
Providing resources to cover a large number of auto tests
Set up and customizing CI/CD processes to automate delivery
Implementation the latest and best practices in manual and automated testing
Training of the existing staff and training sessions
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