The automated testing market is developing by leaps and bounds. Markets And Markets predicts the market will reach $49.9 billion by 2026. For comparison: in 2021 it was $20.7 billion. Based on our experience, we can say that such growth is associated with the active introduction of advanced technologies, new tools, and methods.

Zappletech team is constantly monitoring the situation in the QA, and therefore we have something to tell you about. Based on the current situation in the market, we have highlighted some striking trends and briefly described the essence of each of them.

This e-book contains an analysis of the major software testing trends in 2023:
DevOps, TestOps, and QAOps
ShiftLeft and ShiftRight Approach
Quality is owned by the entire team, but only QA and AQA
API testing will continue to grow
API and Services Test Automation or contract testing
Artificial Administrative unit for Testing or AIAssisted Test Automation
And 13 more trends you can read in full

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