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    Test Automation Meetup is a free virtual online event that focuses on QA topics like software testing, test automation and quality assurance. We provide automated testing services and test automation outsourcing thus would like to find latest trends with experts. The goal is to share know how, best practises and trends from experts to community.

    This event is a good way to learn new Strategies, Tools, and Trending Technology in the Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation area. Become a part of this conference and deep dive into QA topics ranging from QA in agile, DevOps, and advanced test automation techniques.

    Join the free meetup and be a part of the global QA community.


    August 16 (Wednesday) from 11AM to 1PM Eastern Time (ET)

    Paul Grossman

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    10.45 am – 11.00 am (ET)
    Opening by host Paul Grossman

    Aaron Evans

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    11.00 am – 12.00 pm (ET)
    Test Automation Frameworks: Putting together the puzzle
    The main pieces of a test framework: tests, automation code, execution, reporting, communication
    Criteria for evaluating a test framework: maintainability, reliability, speed, complexity, coverage
    Identifying the missing pieces: flakiness, traceability, reproducibility, communication, timeliness
    What is outside the framework: tools, processes, skills, environments, data
    Finding the right fit for your project: language & libraries, types of tests, execution strategy
    Solving the puzzle: steps for building or improving your framework(Edited)

    Michał Lech

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    12.00 pm – 1.00 pm (ET)
    Ritual-driven development: a study in Pact, Cucumber and management
    What is RDD?
    Where is it bad and what makes it bad?
    Where does it come from?
    Clean-up vs prevention

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    No. The meetup is absolutely free to watch. We hope that you get some really great value from the content!

    Yes, the meetup will be available on demand for anyone who is registered for the meetup.

    No. The content of the meetup can help any business related with Test Automation and is available to everyone.

    After you register for the meetup, you will receive an email with a link that is specific to you. You will access the meetup through that link.

    The sessions took place on August 16 (Wednesday) from 11AM to 1PM Eastern Time (ET)

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    Michał Lech

    A digital craftsman with two decades of experience in software development, testing, automation and 
    leadership. Veteran of start-ups , growing companies, large enterprises like British Telecom and
    even the army (unofficially though). Stacks from COBOL+VSAM files to Express.js+Mongo.
    A BDD convert and shift-left preacher, one of the people who actually felt worried when
    Matt Wyne left SmartBear. Compromise-seeker and duct tape wizard when required.

    Aaron Evans

    I've been testing software over 20 years. I'm an independent consultant and have worked with over
    100 companies building (or fixing) test automation code and frameworks. I have seen a lot of good
    and bad code and met a lot of cool people. Currently a test automation architect for Massachusettes
    Medical Society, publishers of the New England Journal of Medicine.

    Paul Grossman

    Paul Grossman has over 20 years experience as an SDET with numerous test automation tool sets and languages. Most recently he began
    managing five WebDriverIO projects in JavaScript for Guaranteed Rate. Prior to that he spent three years working with Selenium in Java as
    well as Micro Focus UFT One in VBScript. He recently wrote a Natural Language Processing engine Add On for the TestProject community.
    He is currently conducting a Proof of Concept of the testRigor low-code tool Paul have been a speaker at test automation conferences for 16 years.
    He has been a featured guest on the Halloween episodes of the Test Guild automation podcast with Joe Colantonio and The QA
    Lead podcast with Jonathan Wright.

    Larry Goddard

    Larry Goddard is the Test Automation Architect at Oxford University Press (OUP) with responsibility for developing the organisations
    Testing Strategy and Framework. Larry is a member of BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT (MBCS), co-founder & CEO of the KLASSI brand,
    Creator of 'klassi-js' a open-source Test Automation Framework, Larry is also a Mentor (Aleto Foundation, Black Girls in Tech and Private Individuals)
    and Speaker at Tech Conferences and meet-ups dealing with and highlighting Test Automation.