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calendar13 December
clock11 AM (ET)
zappletechTopic 1
13 Best Practices for Building Web App Test Automation from Scratch
zappletechTopic 2
Automated or manual - What can go wrong when test team starts their journey into the world of automation?
Alex Pshe
Ewa Marchewka
Paul Grossman

Test Automation Meetup


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    You'll Discover

    • Top 13 mistakes in web app test automation
    • Real-world examples across different career levels
    • Root causes of common automation mistakes
    • Best practices for avoiding and rectifying errors
    • Importance of selective automation
    • Strategic tool selection for effective automation
    • Significance of a proper automation framework
    • Human factor’s role in automation success

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    On Wednesday

    December 13th, between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
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    10:45 am – 11:00 am (ET)
    Paul Grossman

    Opening by Host Paul Grossman

    11:00 am – 12:00 pm (ET)
    Alex Pshe

    13 Best Practices for Building Web App Test Automation from Scratch

    • Compiled a top 13 list of mistakes in test code with real-world examples encountered throughout my career, reflecting different levels of seniority.
    • Highlighting common mistakes and delving into their causes.
    • Providing best practices and solutions on how to avoid and rectify these mistakes.
    12:00 pm – 1:00 pm (ET)
    Ewa Marchewka

    Automated or manual - What can go wrong when test team starts their journey into the world of automation?

    • You should not try to automate everything
    • Choose your tools wisely, proper automation framework is a key
    • Never forget about human factor – not having everyone on board when implementing change may lead to failure

    Testimonials From Past Speakers Regarding Our Events

    Bas Dijkstra
    Director at Insipred Academy, Test automation consultant and trainer
    I really enjoy being part of the Zappletech meetups, both as a speaker and as an attendee. The events are well-organised and the lineup is consistently of high quality.
    Péter Földházi
    Quality Architect at EPAM Systems USA
    ZappleTech has a cool online meetup format, that enables people all around the world to hear about many different new technologies and emerging trends in testing.
    Marcel Veselka
    CEO at Wopee Labs
    I'm grateful to Zappletech for inviting me as a speaker to their virtual test automation meetup.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Does it cost money to watch the meetup?

    No. The meetup is absolutely free to watch. We hope that you get some really great value from the content!

    Will a replay be available if I can't join the day of the meetup?

    Yes, the meetup will be available on demand for anyone who is registered for the meetup.

    Do I have to be a Zappletech customer to register for the meetup?

    No. The content of the meetup can help any business related with Test Automation and is available to everyone.

    After I register, how do I access the Test Automation - December 2023?

    After you register for the meetup, you will receive an email with a link that is specific to you. You will access the meetup through that link.

    When is the Test Automation - December 2023?

    The sessions take place on December 13 (Wednesday) from 11AM to 1PM Eastern Time (ET)

    Ewa Marchewka

    Ewa Marchewka is currently working as a Productization Director (Second Line Manager) at Nokia. After getting
    a university degree in Telecommunication at AGH UST (Poland), she started her journey in the world of testing.
    During 18 years of her working life, she gained experience as Tester, Test Manager, Test Architect, Project
    Manager, Release Delivery Manager and finally Director. She enjoys giving speeches and sharing her
    knowledge on testing conferences all around the world. Her hobby is psychology of testing.

    Alex Pshe

    Alexandra guides technical strategy & quality in IDE for test automation. She's built testing systems for 10+ projects
    and is the creator of specialized QA courses. Alexandra has mentored 500+ hours in QA, fosters learning via her QA
    podcast & YouTube channel, and is a lecturer at a university. As a firm Women Techmakers Ambassador, she has
    also mentored in Women In Tech program 5 times.

    Paul Grossman

    Paul Grossman has over 20 years experience as an SDET with numerous test automation tool sets and languages. Most recently he began
    managing five WebDriverIO projects in JavaScript for Guaranteed Rate. Prior to that he spent three years working with Selenium in Java as
    well as Micro Focus UFT One in VBScript. He recently wrote a Natural Language Processing engine Add On for the TestProject community.
    He is currently conducting a Proof of Concept of the testRigor low-code tool Paul have been a speaker at test automation conferences for 16 years.
    He has been a featured guest on the Halloween episodes of the Test Guild automation podcast with Joe Colantonio and The QA
    Lead podcast with Jonathan Wright.