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Do you have your own project that needs to be checked for errors, performance, functionality, and interface issues? Zapple Tech experts will help! We will conduct comprehensive automation testing of your web product using Selenium.

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automation testing using Selenium: process features by Zapple Tech

Evaluate the project and the scope of automation testing using the Selenium framework. We get acquainted with the tech stack, functionality, design, etc. We determine the complexity of the process and select the necessary tools.
Prepare for work and create a testing plan. We break the process into sprints similar to development cycles, synchronize our time with colleagues, and structure the automation stages and corresponding tests.
Write test scripts and deploy the test environment. The engineers write code to automatically check the necessary functions, elements, etc. Emulating a working environment that matches the parameters of target devices, OS, and browsers.
Customize Selenium with implemented plugins, libraries, etc. Depending on the type of test and the type of application, we add the essential tools, components, etc. We ensure the smooth operation of the entire testing system.
Selenium automation testing and analysis of results. We comprehensively check the code, interface, functions, database, API, connection channels, etc., in an automatic mode, which minimizes the risk of third-party problems.
Transferring data from the test to developers to fix bugs. We delegate the errors to our colleagues to eliminate them. We describe the nature of the malfunction and the possible sources of its origin. If necessary, we help to localize the bug.
Re-launch and automation test via Selenium. We try to prevent the error from reoccurring by cycling testing the corrected code, component, etc. We analyze the behavior of the digital product after the changes are made.
Prepare technical documentation and description of the testing performed. We describe all closed tests and indicate the scope of work performed and their results. We write instructions for users, typical errors that may occur, and methods for correcting them.

With Selenium automation testing services from Zapple Tech, you get a comprehensive approach to bug management and expert assistance. With our services, you will launch your digital product on time and in perfect technical condition.

Why should you use Zapple Tech services?

We use innovations in testing to ensure full test coverage of all components of a digital solution.
We solve problems comprehensively, analyzing all the results obtained during the testing process and helping developers.
We use leading tools such as Selenium, integrating plugins and libraries that your project needs.
We conduct 100% automation tests, reducing testing costs by minimizing the number of staff involved in the project.

Do not hesitate! Contact us now and get an established team to work on your project within a week.

Benefits of web services automation testing using Selenium by Zapple Tech

Full coverage of test cases with just one tool. With the help of the Selenium framework, we will create unique scripts to perform comprehensive automated testing of your applications. They will work perfectly in browsers and on mobile devices.
Mitigating risks and human factors. Fully automated testing through the Selenium framework will allow you to examine applications and websites for various problems. At the same time, it prevents even minor, at first glance, errors, for example, in processing requests via HTTPS.
Release speed to the target market. With our Selenium automation testing services, you can complete your project development on time. We thoroughly test the software’s functionality and design elements, such as icons, interface blocks, etc.
Cheaper testing process for browsers and software. Writing automated scripts allows you to run multiple tests in parallel without increasing the cost of human or hardware resources. Moreover, the cost of creating algorithms is less than hiring extra specialists.

Our Selenium automation testing services are for those who want to quickly and efficiently test their digital product from the early stages of its creation. If you want to release a convenient and effective IT solution for your target audience, don’t hesitate to contact Zapple Tech experts!


Polular questions

The ones listed on our website.

Unlike Codoid, we have several autonomous teams that we can integrate into your project within a week. Also, Codoid won’t offer you as comprehensive an approach to Selenium automation tests as Zapple Tech. Our assistance is cheaper than Codoid’s due to the company’s pricing policy.

A full list of our tools is available on our website and blog.

Yes, for example, with mobile apps and full-fledged PC programs. However, it works best in the WEB environment.

From 6 months to a year, depending on the scale of the project.

The cost of automation work is calculated individually. The average price range is from $5,000 to $15,000.

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