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Clinic Management App

A solution for automation of collecting, storing, and processing patient information used in medical institutions.

Within Agile mindset approaches, the customer needed complex automation of testing a cross-platform web system from scratch to simplify work with the future products.
Test automation
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Founded in 2002, this technology company specializes in improving, connecting, and automating healthcare operations.

Clinic Management App

It is one of 5 solutions from a leading developer of online systems for medical institutions, successfully operating on the market since 2003. During this time, the system has increased its modules and functionality and released several versions.

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Project Idea
Comprehensive testing of the service, followed by test automation.
Project challenges
Optimization of testing all product versions and reducing costs for subsequent iterations of solution validation. Early identification of defects and failures before the release of a new product version.
Project in Details
Automated testing complexes were developed from scratch in the application, covering all manual tasks for each software build.
Business Challenges
Detect product defects promptly to save the project budget for fixing bugs after the project is released.
Target audience
The solution helps physicians and medical personnel manage their customer base more adaptively with the automated entry of patients’ clinical data.
Automated tests covered over 80% of product crashes and errors in all functional versions of the Clinic Management App.
Project deliverables

Values delivered

ZappleTech specialists developed and successfully implemented a complex of 2,000 cases of automatic product testing. 700 tests are specific for this solution. Tests covered all manual tasks, providing an optimal query execution time in just 1 minute. We built API test chains for smoke scope developed to identify potential failures and defects at a lower level. As a result, over 100 critical system errors were identified and eliminated. We ensured coverage of an additional layer of testing and identification of future threats through API tests.


We implemented an architecture for testing, developed and integrated the required tests into Gitlab CI, and provided cross-platform testing support.


We built all types of automatic testing from scratch with early detection of errors and defects and keeping communications with the development team for timely elimination of bugs.

Team Feedback

Team Feedback

We were fortunate with the project. It is precisely the case when a testing system can be built correctly from scratch. Thanks to the BDD approach, the business can understand the profitability of an updated product version even before the release, so our technicians can receive objective feedback on the service status and quickly make changes. We have been working productively for a long time, always provided with maximum information by the technical department of the Clinic Management App, which is also vital for us. Yes, this system is really as perfect as possible. We tested it!Dmitry, Team Lead

Results for the customer

We have built a full-fledged workable automatic testing complex, which helped us identify 4 out of 5 errors in existing product versions and save 70% of the team’s time on manual testing in the future. The results of our work made it possible to identify potential errors in advance, which saves the company’s budget for eliminating defects in a solution already launched and used by customers.

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