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A cloud-based platform for online schools that helps to manage learning, scheduling, and communication between administration, teachers, and students.

The customer needed to test all the system modules and prepare a set of tests to minimize resources for such tasks in the future.
Test automation
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Australia, New Zealand

A versatile cloud-based school management platform founded in 1998 delivers offline and online learning solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

School Management Platform

It is one of 2 solutions from a vendor of online systems for educational institutions, operating since 2010. During its operation on the market, the system has changed and scaled to provide work flexibility for customers and users. Today, the system is fully integrated into the infrastructure of schools, which is confirmed by the ISO 2700 certificate.

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Project Idea
Updating and configuring a complex multilevel testing system and testing automation.
Project challenges
Extending the QA team to automate the testing of all product modules.
Project in Details
Automated testing complexes were developed from scratch in the application, covering all manual tasks for each software build.
Business Challenges
Increased test coverage of the existing codebase, saving costs, and optimizing the testing process in the future.
Target audience
The solution helps offline and online schools automate and improve the learning process, from student base management to course management.
Automatic tests covered 18 different modules of all versions of the School Management Platform.
Project deliverables

Values delivered

ZappleTech specialists developed and successfully implemented an automated testing solution covering all platform modules, including a specific user environment. We built API-level tests to identify threats in future versions of the solution quickly. Codeception, Webdriver, and standard PHP were used to solve the tasks.


Developing and integrating tests in Jenkins CI, building frameworks, and smoke testing for input from user UAT environments.


We provided all kinds of automated testing from scratch and achieved the green mark in CI build.

Team Feedback

Team Feedback

It was a really exciting project where we appreciated an understanding of the value of testing by the solution owners. This attitude allowed us to implement all tests that are essential and significant for future versions of the platform. Thanks to this approach, we managed to balance the participation of QA specialists in product development and improvement.

Results for the customer

Our team created a frameworkthat covered all the solution modules with automated tests. It will help to detect failures or errors without the additional involvement of QA in the future. It saves the budget for attracting specialists while optimizing the quality of the finished product and minimizing the cost of the platform finalization.

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