Car Rental Solution

A solution for booking transfers, taxis, or car rental in the USA. The customer needed to create a testing architecture from scratch and cover all app levels with tests.
Test automation
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A platform for ordering transport or travel-related services from a German company operating on the market since 1912. Today, the platform’s services are presented in 110 countries worldwide.

Car Rental Solution

It is one of the regional car rental platforms, represented by a web service and a mobile application. The specificity of the solution is based on the general brand requirements of the franchise around the world. Today, the system includes renting cars or other passenger transport, ordering a transfer with a driver, fleet management, leasing, and car-sharing.

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Project Idea
Creation of an automated testing solution from scratch to more flexibly bring updated versions of solutions to the market.
Project challenges
Building an automated testing architecture and covering all of the company’s products with tests for early error detection.
Project in Details
A complex of automatic continuous testing was developed from scratch with a 95-99% Pass Rate.
Business Challenges
Reducing the cost of improving the solution through early detection of critical errors.
Target audience
The solution allows any user of the medium-premium segment to receive transfer or rental transport services in various world regions.
All levels of the web and mobile Car Rental Solution were covered with automatic tests.
Project deliverables

Values delivered

ZappleTech specialists built an automated testing architecture from scratch. Thanks to a systematic approach, we covered more than 95% of the solution. A set of functional and non-functional automated test cases covered the entire pyramid from the server-side to the mobile infrastructure. Moreover, thanks to the API chain in Car Rental Solution, it is now possible to identify potential threats even at a low level.


Development of automated test suites with CI/CD integration both at the local level and in the cloud with a single test processing speed of up to 2 minutes.


A testing of 3-tier architecture was built, within the framework of which a complex of API, web and mobile automated tests was developed, as well as a sets of manual tests for end-to-end Agile testing.

Team Feedback

Team Feedback

The Car Rental Solution test automation project is a real example of how the correct construction of the automated test pyramid allows the product to develop successfully. After all, all the detected failures and errors in 3 years helped the regional company scale in the right direction. Considering the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of the service, the company minimized business losses and attracted a maximum of customers.

Results for the customer

The ZappleTech testing team built a service-specific set of automated tests that cover 9 out of 10 errors at an early stage. By initially building an overarching test pyramid, the company will save up to 60% of the technical budget spent on bug fixing by the development department.

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