Private Medicine Software

App for organizing the work of doctors and medical staff. The main goals of the IT product are to streamline schedules, enable contactless transactions, and speed up the process of accepting session requests through a mobile app.
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United Kingdom

Our client decided to develop a unique IT product that allows doctors to optimize their work. This was the beginning of the project, which is now being actively tested by the target audience and supplemented with new functionality.

IT product for health care: medical practices at home.

The practice of out-of-hospital medicine is widespread in the UK. Private physicians, once accredited and equipped with a specialized office in their home or by renting space in a clinic, can provide services to patients. Since no single digital system exists for such specialists, they have to resort to inefficient registration and payment practices.

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Project Idea
Provide medical professionals with easy-to-use software that combines these functions:
• Calendar with the event system.
• User and physician offices.
• Online appointment.
• Payment service.
• Scheduler.
Project issues
• Long test development time.
• Low relevance of results.
• Coverage of 60% of tasks, but with minimal efficiency.
• Over 40 hours duration of a test cycle.
• Absence of a large number of bugs.
• Lack of process automation.
Project in Details
We developed a testing algorithm from scratch, integrated CI/CD, automated scenarios, and paralleled tests.
Business problems
• Poor work organization.
• Binding to cash.
• Lack of a centralized appointment system.
• Disruptions in work schedules.
• Difficulties with resource planning.
Target audience
Independent private medical specialists practicing home treatment, renting offices in clinics and hospitals.
Accelerated passage of tests by 30 times, increased passability of tests up to 100%, and reduced time spent up to 10 minutes per test.
Project deliverables

Values delivered

Initially, Zapple Tech experts audited the client’s system, evaluated previous QA practices, and generated a list of tasks for further solutions:
• Rewrote all existing tests from scratch.
• Provided test coverage for over 12% of the project.
• Developed CI/CD strategy.
• Integrated reporting into the scripts.
• Created an algorithm for writing clean cases.
• Conducted full integration of automation into the process.
• Parallelized tests as much as possible.
• Converted tests to Playwright and TypeScript.
• Thought through and wrote a plan for further testing.
• Conducted a full cycle of end-to-end and other types of tests.


• Platform integration for paralleling and automating tests. Connecting multiple WMs.
• Code refactoring and reducing the number of tests and maximal API usage.
• Template and DOD/DOR creation. Improving the quality of tests by increasing the time to prepare them.
• Adding daily and weekly QA meetings to the team schedules.
• Implementing SLA practices to resolve issues with the highest priority in the shortest time possible.
• Increase automation coverage, reduce patching, and reduce regressions.
• Increased API testing coverage, increasing scenario stability to 100%.
• Increase UI and API test coverage to 80% or more.
• Setting up the Click environment to improve testing processes and quality.
• Increasing test execution speed by 85%. Fixing infrastructure issues, eliminating weak scripts.


• Coverage of 12% of test cases.
• Acceleration of test passing by 30 times.
• Increasing the number of successfully passed tests to 100%.
• Complete paralleling of tests.
• Maximum automation of QA processes.
• Time savings of up to 10 minutes per test.
• Overall increase in QA productivity.
• Cleaned up app code.
• Further testing strategy.
• Project support by Zapple Tech experts.

Customer feedback

Customer feedback

Due to our limited cooperation timeframe, we did not have time to implement all the critical processes. But during this time, we were able to redo the maximum that other QA teams take years to do. With the help of Zapple Tech, we have accelerated our software releases and optimized the release of updates, which is a great factor in improving our market position.

Results for the customer

Our work resulted in improvements in QA processes within the customer’s company. We were able to maximally cover all functions, integrations, and UI/UX with tests, as well as adjust work on the project and optimize resource consumption for testing.

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